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Voigtländer VM 50mm 1,5 Nokton Leica M schwarz ZEISS Batis 25mm 1:2,0 für Sony ILCE (E-Mount) ZEISS Batis 85mm 1:1,8 für Sony ILCE (E-Mount) ZEISS Batis 18mm 1:2,8 für Sony ILCE (E-Mount) ZEISS Batis 135mm 1:2,8 für Sony ILCE (E-Mount) Iberit Sonnenblende LH-RIT 24 Iberit Sonnenblende LH-RIT 35 Iberit Sonnenblende LH-RIT 50 Iberit Sonnenblende LH-RIT 75 LEICA Universal Polarizing Filter M 13356 Canon FD Macrophoto coupler FL 58mm reverse mount Fujica Mini 35mm Half format camera Canon Legria HF G26 HD Camcorder Fujifilm Fuji HS 20 EXR 16 Megapixel Leica CL with Summicron-C 2/40mm 10700/11542 Leica M Elmar-C 4/90mm Voigtländer Leica M / M39 Super Wide-Heliar 15mm 4,5 Asph. Leica Leica-Meter MR light meter chrome Leica R3 Mot Electronic Body ZEISS Distagon T* 15mm 1:2,8 ZM f. Leica M schwarz ZEISS Biogon T* 21mm 1:2,8 ZM f. Leica M silber ZEISS Biogon T* 21mm 1:2,8 ZM f. Leica M schwarz ZEISS C Biogon T* 21mm 1:4,5 ZM f. Leica M silber ZEISS C Biogon T* 21mm 1:4,5 ZM f. Leica M schwarz ZEISS Biogon T* 25mm 1:2,8 ZM f. Leica M schwarz ZEISS Biogon T* 28mm 1:2,8 ZM f. Leica M silber ZEISS Biogon T* 2,8/28 ZM schwarz ZEISS Biogon T* 35mm 1:2,0 ZM f. Leica M silber ZEISS Biogon T* 35mm 1:2,0 ZM f. Leica M schwarz ZEISS C Sonnar T* 50mm 1:1,5 ZM f. Leica M silber Hasselblad B70 UV-sky Filter 3051349 Olympus OM-1 black body ZEISS C Biogon T* 35mm 1:2,8 ZM f. Leica M silber ZEISS f. Hasselblad Störlichtblende 50 mm ZV ZEISS Lens Shade for 120/180 mm ZV ZEISS Planar T* 85mm 1:1,4 ZE f. Canon ZEISS Planar T* 50mm 1:1,4 ZE f. Canon Hasselblad B70 Softar II Weichzeichner 3051535 Hasselblad B70 Softar III Weichzeichner 3051543 Hasselblad Adapterring B50 an B60 3040711 Hasselblad Zwischenring 56E 3040656 Hasselblad Zwischenring 16E 3040654 Hasselblad Objektivabschlussringe 3040687 Hasselblad Filteradapterring B70/60mm 3040775 Hasselblad B60 Softar I Weichzeichner 3051670 Hasselblad B60 Softar III Weichzeichner 3051675 Hasselblad B60 Softar II Weichzeichner 3051673 Hasselblad Frontdeckel f. APO 1,4E Konverter 30407 Hasselblad Frontdeckel S 93-100mm 3051654 Hasselblad Gehäusedeckel f. alle Hasselblad Modell Hasselblad B70 Objektivfrontdeckel 3051648 Hasselblad Objektivfrontdeckel f. CFI 30mm Distago Hasselblad Deckel f. Prisma oder Lichtschachtsuche 3052191 Hasselblad Format Maske f. 4x5cm 3072419 Alpa Reflex Mod.9d body ZEISS Victory 10x32 T* FL schwarz ZEISS Distagon T* 28mm 1:2,0 ZE f. Canon ZEISS Biogon T* 25mm 1:2,8 ZM f. Leica M silber ZEISS C Sonnar T* 50mm 1:1,5 ZM f. Leica M schwarz ZEISS T* UV Filter 67mm ZEISS T* UV Filter 72mm ZEISS T* UV Filter 82mm ZEISS T* UV Filter 77mm Noblex 135 S Panorama camera ZEISS T* UV Filter 43mm ZEISS T* UV Filter 46mm ZEISS T* UV filter 52mm ZEISS T* UV filter 55mm ZEISS T* UV filter 62mm Leica If with 1:3,5/5cm Elmar Rare Leica Mifilmca 1/3x with 10x Lens Dial Set Black Paint! very nice condition Leica replica Voigtländer Sony E Mount 12mm 5,6 III asphärisch schwarz Leicaflex I + 1:2/50 mm Summicron-R 1CAM Leica Leicaflex I body Pentax 110 Set with 18 / 24 / 50mm flash and handgrip Leica Visoflex 200mm 1:4 Telyt Leica Visoflex 1:4/200mm Telyt Leica Visoflex 65mmm 1:3,5 Contax IIIa with Stereotar C 1:3,5/35mm + finder Leica 400 mm 1:5 Telyt M39 Visoflex Leitz Wechselmagazin für Orthomat Mikroskop Leitz-Ortholux D.B.P. 1044601 Leica Visoflex 280mm 1:4,8 Telyt Leicaflex SL2 body black lacquered Schneider f. c-mount 1:1,5/2,5 cm Xenon c-mount SOM Berthiot 1:1,8/12,5 mm Cinor P d-mount SOM Berthiot 1:1,9/12,5 mm Cinor B d-mount Schneider f. c-mount 1:1,9/11,5 mm Curtar-Xenon c-mount Contax IIIa body Carl Zeiss Olympia Sonnar 2,8/180 mm Contax Pentax auto 110 with 24mm 1:2,8 a. flash Astro-Berlin Tacharett 25mm 1:1,5 C mount Dallmeyer 3" 1:4,5 Popular Enlarging Anastigmat Leica Stereo-Betrachtungsapparat Schneider c-mount 75mm 1:2,8 Cine-Tele-Xenar Leica Visoflex M39 40cm 1:5 Telyt Dallmeyer c-mount 1 inch 1:2,9 Triple Anastigmat Berthiot 1:6,3/520mm Special Aviation Leica Visoflex 1:2,5/12,5cm Hektor SOM-Berthiot c-mount 75mm 1:2,5 Tele-Cinor
Leitz c-mount 2,7cm 1:1,4 Hektor Rapid Bausch&Lomb 20in. Ducati Simplex Etar 3,5/35mm Microcamera Halbrahmen 18x24 italienische Kamera Leica Kopie Italien Canon III mit 50mm 1:1,8 Serenar Angenieux M22 Grand Angle Nikon FM2/T with 5cm 1:2 Nikkor-S SOM Berthiot c-mount 20-60mm 1:2,8 Pan Cinor ZEISS Distagon T* 1,4/35 ZM silber ZEISS Distagon T* 1,4/35 ZM schwarz Schneider c-mount 3,8/75mm Tele-Xenar SOM Berthiot c-mount 3,5/75mm Tele-Cinor Meyer c-mount 4/10cm Tele Megor ZEISS T* UV Filter 86mm Voigtländer&Sohn lens 3 Voigtländer Sony E Mount 15mm 4,5 Super Wide Heliar asphärisch III schwarz Voigtländer Sony E Mount 10mm 5,6 asphärisch schwarz LEICA M (Typ 262), black anodized finish 10947 LEICA TL, silver anodized finish 18147 Meyer d-mount 1,5/12,5 mm Kino Plasmat Rodenstock Brass Lens Fuji c-mount 2,4/12,5cm Fujinon-TV Original Leica IIIC 389015K Grey Militär K bearing with 3,5/5cm Elmar Angenieux c-mount 1,8/10mm Retrofocus R21 glass without scratches. lens free of fungus and separation, aperture in good working condition Leica Visoflex 3,5/65mm Elmar LEICA Q (Typ 116), black 19000 Nikon F3/T HP Body black with MD 4 Leica R4 body black Leica R4 body chrome Schneider-Kreuznach Xenar 4,5/30cm Angenieux c-mount 2,5/75mm Type P3 Clement&Gilmer Panorthoscopique No 0 Ling c-mount 1,9/1 inch Jena Microscop Planachromat T 16/0,32/160/0,17 Leica standard body chrome Leica I #9497 mit 3,5/5cm Elmar Leica I with 3,5/5cm Elmar Leicaflex SL2 MOT 10023 Leica R4 Mot Electronic body black 10043 Busch 220mm Doppel Objektiv No. 2 Leica IIIa 247000 + 3,5/5cm Elmar 1937 Nikon SP body chrome C. P. Goerz Berlin Doppel-Anastigmat F.6.8 DAGOR Serie III Leica II J.Lizars, Glasgow Rare Derogy Optical Paris Brevet portrait Lens Carl Zeiss microskop finder Leica IIIc body K ball-bearing LEICA SOFORT, white 19100 LEICA SOFORT, mint 19101 LEICA SOFORT, orange 19102 Canon CX-60 X-Ray body Leica Visoflex 4/200mm Telyt Leica II body 3,5/5cm Elmar Derogy fab No.5 Rank Taylor Hobson Monital 2,7/17-130mm f. C-Mount Leica II black with 2,5/5cm Hektor Ross Pathe Freres 250mm Leica M-P Safari-Set (Typ 240) Safari-Set mit 2/35mm asph. silber 10933 Leica If with 3,5/5cm Elmar Hasselblad Vorderer Objektivdeckel 95mm 3053364 Hasselblad Hinterer Objektivdeckel f. V-System 3050377 LEICA ULTRAVID 8x32 HD-Plus 40090 LEICA ULTRAVID 8x20 BR, schwarz 40252 LEICA ULTRAVID 10x32 HD-Plus 40091 LEICA TRINOVID 10x25 BCA 40343 LEICA TRINOVID 10x42 HD 40319 LEICA TRINOVID 8x20 BCA 40342 ZEISS Conquest HD 8x42 ZEISS Victory 8x32 T* FL ZEISS Conquest HD 10x42 ZEISS Conquest HD 8x32 ZEISS T* UV Filter 49mm ZEISS Conquest HD 15x56 Demo LEICA ULTRAVID 7x42 HD-Plus 40092 LEICA ULTRAVID 8x50 HD-Plus 40095 LEICA ULTRAVID 10x50 HD-Plus 40096 LEICA ULTRAVID 12x50 HD-Plus 40097 ZEISS Terra ED 8x32 schwarz/grau - Modell 2017 ZEISS Terra ED 10x42 schwarz/schwarz - Modell 2017 ZEISS Terra ED 10x42 schwarz/grau - Modell 2017 ZEISS Terra ED 10x42 schwarz/grün - Modell 2017 ZEISS Terra ED 8x32 schwarz/schwarz - Modell 2017 ZEISS Terra ED 8x32 schwarz/grün - Modell 2017 ZEISS Terra ED 10x32 schwarz/grau - Modell 2017 ZEISS Terra ED 10x32 schwarz/schwarz - Modell 2017 ZEISS Terra ED 10x32 schwarz/grün - Modell 2017 ZEISS Planar T* 50mm 1:1,4 ZF.2 f. Nikon ZEISS C Biogon T* 35mm 1:2,8 ZM f. Leica M schwarz ZEISS Planar T* 50mm 1:2,0 ZM f. Leica M silber ZEISS T* UV Filter 58mm ZEISS T* UV filter 95mm LEICA M (Typ 240), silver chrome finish 10771 Hasselblad Body H5D-50MS Hasselblad Body H5D-200MS Hasselblad Body H5D-50c LEICA M Monochrom (Typ 246), black chrome finish 10930 LEICA M-D (Typ 262), black paint finish 10945 LEICA M10, schwarz verchromt 20000 LEICA M10, silver chrome finish 20001 Leica I # 9542 with Leitz 3,5/50mm Elmar
Cooke Panchrotal 2,3/2.8 Inch Anastigmat Schneider c-mount 3,8/75mm Tele-Xenar Hasselblad Body H5D-50c CPO LEICA ULTRAVID 8x42 HD-Plus 40093 LEICA ULTRAVID 10x42 HD-Plus 40094 LEICA ULTRAVID 10x25 BR, black 40253 ZEISS Conquest HD 8x56 ZEISS Conquest HD 10x32 LEICA APO-TELEVID 82 (angle view) 40121 ZEISS Planar T* 85mm 1:1,4 ZF.2 f. Nikon LEICA ULTRAVID 10x25 Silverline 40652 Voigtländer Sony E Mount 40mm 1,2 Nokton asphärisch schwarz LEICA V-LUX (Typ 114) Version "E", black 18193 LEICA X-U (Typ 113) 18435 Hasselblad Gehäuse H6D-50c Krauss Zeiss 12,5/350mm Anastigmat Lentille LEICA TL2 silver anodized finish 18188 LEICA TL2 Black anodized finish 18187 Berthiot Paris C Mount 2/50mm cinor Hasselblad 202 FA chrome body Kern Paillard 1,3/12,5mm Macro-Switar Hasselblad ArcBody Extionsion 26 Tube 3047049 LEICA TRINOVID 8x20 BCA 40342 LEICA TRINOVID 8x42 HD 40318 Macro Switar 1,4/36mm Kern-Paillard für Bolex C Mount SOM Berthiot Paris 2,5/75mm Tele-Cinor SOM Berthiot Paris 3,5/50mm Cinor Voigtländer Sony E Mount 65mm 2,0 Macro APO Lanthara asphärisch schwarz Voigtländer Nikon 40mm 1:2,0 Ultron SL II-S schwarz Voigtländer Nikon 40mm 2,0 Ultron SL II-S silber ZEISS Victory Harpia 85 Schrägeinblick Hasselblad X1D-50c 4116 Edition schwarz Voigtländer Nikon 58mm 1,4 Nokton SL II-S silber Sony Alpha 700 body ca. 30.000 trippings LEICA Starter Set Leica M (Typ 262) 35+75mm 10902 LEICA Starter Set Leica M (Typ 262) 35mm 10903 LEICA Starter Set Leica M (Typ 262) 50mm 10977 LEICA M-A (Typ 127), black chrome finish 10370 LEICA M-A (Typ 127), silver chrome finish 10371 LEICA M-P (Typ 240), silver chrome finish 10772 LEICA M7 0.72 black chrome finish 10503 LEICA MP 0.72 black paint finish 10302 LEICA MP 0.72 silver chrome finish 10301 40138 LEICA APO-TELEVID 65 (straight view) 40127 LEICA APO-TELEVID 65 (angle view) 40129 LEICA APO-TELEVID 82 (straight view) 40119 LEICA DUOVID 8+12x42 black 40400 LEICA DUOVID 10+15x50 black 40420 LEICA GEOVID 8x42 HD-B 40047 LEICA GEOVID 8x42 HD-R (Typ 402) 40052 LEICA GEOVID 8x42 R, M 40425 LEICA GEOVID 8x42 R, Y 40426 LEICA GEOVID 8x56 HD-B 40051 LEICA GEOVID 8x56 HD-R (Typ 500) 40053 LEICA GEOVID 8x56 R, M 40429 LEICA GEOVID 8x56 R, Y 40430 LEICA GEOVID 10x42 HD-B "Edition 2017" 40073 LEICA GEOVID 10x42 HD-B 40049 LEICA GEOVID 10x42 HD-R (Typ 403) 40054 LEICA GEOVID 10x42 R, M 40427 LEICA GEOVID 10x42 R, Y 40428 LEICA GEOVID 15x56 R, M 40431 LEICA GEOVID 15x56 R, Y 40432 LEICA GEOVID 8x42 HD-B "Edition 2017" 40072 LEICA MONOVID 8x20 40390 LEICA MONOVID 8x20 Red-Edition 40391 LEICA MONOVID 8x20 Silverline 40650 LEICA PINMASTER II 40533 LEICA PINMASTER II PRO 40539 LEICA RANGEMASTER CRF 1600-R 40537 LEICA RANGEMASTER CRF 2000-B "Edition 2017" 40538 LEICA RANGEMASTER CRF 2000-B 40536 LEICA ULTRAVID 10x25 Blackline 40264 LEICA ULTRAVID 10x25 Colorline, apple green 40634 LEICA ULTRAVID 10x25 Colorline, aztek beige 40635 LEICA ULTRAVID 10x25 Colorline, Capri blue 40631 LEICA ULTRAVID 10x25 Colorline, cherry pink 40636 LEICA ULTRAVID 10x25 Colorline, dove blue 40633 LEICA ULTRAVID 10x25 Colorline, lemon yellow 40632 LEICA ULTRAVID 10x32 HD-PLUS "Edition Safari 2017" 40666 LEICA ULTRAVID 10x42 Blackline 40272 LEICA ULTRAVID 10x42 HD-PLUS "Edition Safari 2017" 40668 LEICA ULTRAVID 10x42 Silverline 40654 LEICA ULTRAVID 8x20 Blackline 40263 LEICA ULTRAVID 8x20 Colorline Aztek-beige 40629 LEICA ULTRAVID 8x20 Colorline Capri-blau 40625 LEICA ULTRAVID 8x20 Colorline Kirsch-rot 40630 LEICA ULTRAVID 8x20 Colorline, Apfel-grün 40628 LEICA ULTRAVID 8x20 Colorline Tauben-blau 40627 LEICA ULTRAVID 8x20 Colorline, Zitronen-gelb 40626 LEICA ULTRAVID 8x32 HD-PLUS "Edition Safari 2017" 40665 LEICA ULTRAVID 8x42 Blackline 40271 LEICA ULTRAVID 8x42 HD-PLUS "Edition Safari 2017" 40667 LEICA Q (Typ 116), silbern eloxiert 19022 Carl Zeiss Jena Protarlinse 35cm, 29cm, 22cm Carl Zeiss M 30mm 4,5 Ap 0,1 N20 Meyer 21 cm 4 Doppelplasmat LEICA CL, schwarz eloxiert 19301 Boyer Paris 300mm 4,5 Saphir